Disagreement within the Electoral committee regarding the seat contested by Fahad Yasin

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The Federal Electoral Commission has disagreed over the postponement of the HOP # 086 by-election of National Security Adviser Farmajo and former NISA Commander Fahad Yassin, according to inside sources.

As confirmed to us by members of the Federal Electoral Commission, the chairman of the commission, Muse Guelleh, accused of being attached to Prime Minister Roble, has been consulted to cancel the seat, which he has accepted.

Most members of the election commission then met on Wednesday, but Muse and his sympathizers rejected the proposal, arguing that there were too many looted seats that Prime Minister Roble’s office refused to allow.

This was followed last night by a section of the committee, led by Chairman Muse, who issued a letter suspending the election of the HOP # 086 seat, which was not finalized, through social media.

The statement from the commission said, “Following the FEIT, the Federal Electoral Commission (FEIT) has received complaints from traditional elders in the HOP # 086 constituency. The two commissions to this letter are hereby notified to suspend the holding of the above Seat pending the resolution of the complaint. ”

An hour later, however, the committee’s Facebook page was taken over by a group of members of the committee affiliated with Villa Somalia and Fahad Yasin, who issued a letter denying the previous statement, saying the seat should not be suspended.

The letter said, “The committee declares that the letter posted on social media bearing the signature of the Chairman, regarding seat HOP # 086, which is one of the seats announced by the Hirshabelle Electoral Commission, is invalid.”

“The Electoral Committee instructs the HirShabelle State Electoral Commission to fulfill its responsibilities and continue the difficult task ahead.”

It is unknown at this time what will be the outcome of this disaster within the electoral committee, but it seems that Fahad Yasin and his team are committed to holding this seat, and eventually becoming a Member of Parliament.

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