Dispute Resolution Committee issues new statement on Hop 067 seat won by NISA Interim chief

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The Federal Indirect Election Dispute Resolution Committee has today announced that it has extended its investigation into the HOP # 067 seat case.

The seat was previously vacated by the Galmudug Electoral Commission to Yasin Farey, the interim director of NISA, following an election in Dhusamareb, Galmudug.

A letter from the Dispute Resolution Committee, which was circulated to the Federal Electoral Commission and the plaintiffs in the seat, stated that the investigation on the case are ongoing and the case would be decided soon.

“The Commission has the right to investigate each case, to hear the parties involved and to verify the evidence gathered in order to obtain complete and conclusive information,” the statement said.

The Commission stated that the extension to the case was due to the fact that the HOP #067 case has two sides that need to be investigated separately, heard and verified by key evidence in order to obtain the complete case.

Completion of the case against the seat declared by the Galmudug Electoral Commission won by Yassin Farey will be completed within 10 days from 05/12/2021, according to the statement.

“The Commission would like to inform the Federal Electoral Commission and the Galmudug Electoral Commission to take into account the difficult circumstances of the data collection, and work closely with the members in the case of seat HOP #067 to provide comprehensive information of a fair, transparent decision, rooted in Somali culture and international electoral standards, ”the statement concluded.


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