Dispute resolution committee suspends ‘Yasin Farey’ seat

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The Federal Indirect Election Dispute Resolution Committee has today announced that it has suspended the announcement of the official results of its HOP # 067 seat, which was won by the interim director of the National Security Agency, Yassin Abdulahi Mohamud ‘Yasin Farey’, on Thursday in Galmudug.

A letter from the Dispute Resolution Committee to the Federal Electoral Commission states that the commission has received a complaint against the seat, filed by Ahmed Abdikarin Ali and Elder Aliyo Hassan Ali (Ali Jeesto).

“The Indirect Electoral Dispute Resolution Commission for 2020/2021, in accordance with the Code of Conduct issued on October 1, 2020, would like to inform the Federal Electoral Implementation Commission that a case has been filed against seat number HOP # 067,” said the letter from the resolution committee.

The resolution committee also recommended that the announcement of the result be postponed until pending a final decision on the case.

“The Indirect Electoral Disputes Resolution Committee for 2020/2021, in the discharge of its mandate, would like to inform the Federal Electoral Commission to suspend the announcement of the official results of HOP # 067.”

The Dispute Resolution Committee also added that the hearing will continue for at least seven days starting today, and instructed the parties to complete their case within 24 hours.

Finally, the Dispute Resolution Committee requested the Galmudug State Electoral Commission to work with this case and to obtain complete information on the case filed in seat HOP # 067.

The seat, which was won last Thursday by Yassin Farey, has been the subject of complaints from some candidates and some community leaders who have accused Galmudug and Villa Somalia of jointly ‘looting’ the seat.

However, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission has previously filed a similar lawsuit against Mahdi Mohamed Guled, and the commission eventually approved him for his seat.

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