Djibouti strongly condemns clashes between Somalis and Afar

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The government of Djibouti has for the first time spoken out strongly against the clashes between the Somali and Afar ethnic groups, following clashes between the two sides in the Djiboutian capital, which resulted in heavy casualties including deaths, injuries and property damage.

Djibouti’s interior minister, Said Nuh Hassan, told reporters that the government would not tolerate the resurgence of violence in Somalia and Afar.

The minister also pointed out that if the riots continue, it will pose a threat to the Republic of Djibouti, according to the statement.

He also instructed the security forces to take measures immediately and to prevent violence, avoid damage to other community members in the region.

Violence in Djibouti’s capital in the past few hours has sparked protests deaths, injuries and widespread destruction of civilian homes.

The riots led to the deployment of police forces and the use of tear gas to disperse the crowd.

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