Early Details emerging of tonight’s bombings and attacks in Mogadishu

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Several explosions have reportedly taken place in Mogadishu, followed by a loud bomb with the sound of heavy gunfire.

Early reports indicate the blasts took place in Kahda district as well as in Dar es Salaam area of Mogadishu.

There was an explosion in Kahda, followed by heavy gunfire and attacks, followed by a second explosion in Dar es Salaam a few minutes later.

Reports say the blast and the first attack took place at the Kahda district headquarters, but no further details have been released.

Also, reports from Dar es Salaam indicate that the Heliwa district commissioner has been targeted, as fighting continues between his forces and al-Shabaab.

The attack and explosions were followed by a series of brief explosions, and with reports that the situation being very tense this evening, with no definitive information available.

Reports say Al Shabab also attacked security bases in Elasha Biyaha, where heavy gunfire was heard.

Mortar shells also hit neighborhoods between Shibis and Shangaani districts of Mogadishu.

State media have reported that the Security forces have repulsed the attacks by terrorists on Kahda police station and Dar es Salaam area in the capital Mogadishu and says Somali police will give more details shortly.

MTVSomali.com will keep you up-to-date on any new developments from the capital.

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