Education Umbrella group Reveal Corruption in Certificate Exams

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Banadir regional education umbrellas held a press conference in Mogadishu today to oppose the results of the 12th grade matriculation exam announced by the Somali Ministry of Education.

A statement from the ministry on the 22nd of last month said 4,646 students, 1,881 girls and 2,765 boys, had failed the exam, most of them in the Benadir region, out of 34,908 students who sat for the exam on that particular test.

Umbrella officials said they were never satisfied with the results presented by the ministry in the Benadir region, as they argued that education in the region was not up to par with other regions.

“The lack of independent oversight of the staff in charge of the test has led to a great deal of ambiguity and unfounded mistrust. The results of the test are not fair”said School Union province.

He also said that during the exams, students in the Benadir region were mistreated by soldiers and staff at the exam centers, and that students were mentality unprepared for the exams, he said.

“We call for a review of the testing staff, and the Union of Schools is proposing the formation of a national examination committee, comprising various sections of Somali scholars independent of the federal government and regional administrations” concluded the union chief.

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