Elder Peacekeeper killed in Mogadishu

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Reports from Deynile district in Benadir region confirm that gunmen have shot and killed a resident in the area.

Abdi Gabow Ali Jimale, a well respected elder in the community, was inside his house in Gubta Barwaqo neighborhood, near the former livestock market in Deynile district.

A resident of the neighborhood where the killings took place told local media that the slain man was a peacemaker of a Somali clan and was at his residence at the time of the killing.

Somali government forces, particularly the Barwaqe Police Department in Deynile district, went to the scene of the killing and took the body of the peace activist to the CID headquarters in Mogadishu.

In Mogadishu, there has been an increase in assassinations in recent days, with a Somali peace activist killed inside his home in the Jungal neighborhood of Yaqshid district earlier this week, while a businessman named Ali Abdulkadir Mudey was killed in Dharkenley district this week.

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