Election committee suspends 16 seats in parliament

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A statement from the Somaliland Electoral Commission signed by Speaker of the Upper House Abdi Hashi Abdullahi suspended the 16 seats announced by the Northern Regions Electoral Commission (Somaliland).

The purpose of the suspension is to ensure the smooth running of the election and to ensure that the election is free, fair and transparent, in accordance with the agreed electoral procedures.

“The State Election Implementation Team (SEIT) and the Federal Electoral Implementation Commission (FEIT) are hereby notified to stop distributing the 16 seats altogether,” the statement said.

It was also stated in a statement signed by the Speaker of the Upper House, Abdi Hashi Abdullahi that the assurance of elders, the quota for women and the transparency of the elections will be ensured.

The suspension will continue until the election process is checked and processed, according to the statement.

The news comes as the Federal Electoral Commission recently announced the cancellation of the process agreed upon by Abdi Hashi and Mahdi Guled last year to guide Somaliland’s elections.

The commission said the only way the Somaliland Electoral Commission could function at the moment was through Parliament.

“We also make it clear that procedures prepared by parliamentary officials from Somaliland cannot be adhered to. The Somaliland Electoral Commission operates in accordance with the procedures of the National Consultative Assembly, and is exclusively a joint delegation,” said in a statement from the Federal Electoral Commission.

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