Election of seats in the House of the People held in Beledweyne

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Hir-Shabelle regional administration implementation committee has today held elections in Beledweyne, the regional capital of Hiraan region.

The first seat in Hop 032 was won today by the Minister of Commerce of the Federal Government of Somalia, Khalif Abdi Omar, who retained the seat with 81 votes, while his rival Ahmed Omar Gurey received 10 votes. 

The second seat in Hop 068, previously held by Fadumo Farah Ibrahim, was won by Somali Government Spokesman Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu.

Lawmaker Maalimuu beat his rival Mohamed Abdiaziz Hassan, and was voted in by 92 delegates present at the polling station today, according to the chairman of the Hir-Shabelle administration’s electoral commission.

The third seat of HOP 022 was won by Osman Mohamed Abdi Daalo who retained his seat after Fadumo Mohamed Abdulle had resigned, and with show of hands, Osman Mohamed Abdi Daalo got 80 votes.

The fourth seat in Hop 033 was won by Mohamud Abdirahman Bene Ben and retained the seat winning by 88 voters.

The fifth seat of Hop 006 was retained by MP Mohamud Abdullahi Ahmed (Abukaate) by 91 Votes.

The sixth seat of Hop 252, formerly held by the former Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Abdiaziz Salah Arman, was won by Abdikarim Abdow Heydar after the resignation of his rival Maria Najib Mohamed.

Hir-Shabelle administration will also soon hold the second round of elections in Beledweyne with five seats still in Jowhar.

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