Elections for the upper house of parliament to resume today in Jowhar

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Elections for the upper house of the Somali parliament are expected to resume again today in Jowhar, Hirshabelle State of Somalia.

Twenty-four candidates are vying for the remaining five seats in the Hirshabelle Upper House, with the election set to begin in the coming hours at the Parliament House.

The most anticipated seat in today’s election in Jowhar will be contested by three candidates: Osman Mohamud Mohamed Dufle, Somali Ambassador to Kenya Mohamud Ahmed Nur Tarsan and Rage Hassan Osman Huti.

Candidates have been holding political meetings with Hirshabelle delegates in the past few hours, and with a strong election campaign underway in the district.

In last night’s election in Jowhar, Muse Sudi Yalahow won the first seat in Hirshabelle’s upper house, Nur Mohamed Anje’ was elected in the second seat and with Fartun Abdulkadir Farah Karama winning by a landslide, becoming the first female upper house senator for Hirshabelle State.

The general security in the city of the administration has been tightened, and the security forces are cooperating with Hirshabelle and the federal government police such as the Haram’ad forces’, closing most of the roads leading to the parliament building.

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