Electoral Chairman Irro issues a statement regarding elections in the country

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The chairman of the Federal Indirect Election Commission, Mr. Mohamed Hassan Mohamed (Cirro) in an interview with VOA issued a new resolution on the disputed elections in the country.

Irro has announced that the election will not be canceled, but will continue to address any concerns, eliminating the Union of Candidate’s call for election suspension.

He also indicated that he welcomes the convening of a conference to resolve the controversy surrounding the upcoming elections of the Somali Parliament.

“It is incumbent on our commissions to correct what went wrong, but it requires a lot of co-operation,” he said.

Mohamed Irro also called on members of the opposition to have confidence in the commissions managing the 2021 elections, and to work with them on the elections.

The statement came as the Union of Opposition Candidates boycotted the by-elections and demanded a halt to the polls, in a bid to quell the alleged looting of parliamentary seats.

However, Somalia is facing a difficult transition period, as a result of the country’s election crisis with heated debates that could further delay the election process.

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