Electoral commission approves Benadiri elections and timetable released

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The commission appointed by Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble to resolve the dispute over Benadiri seats has succeeded in resolving the dispute, according to the Federal Electoral Implementation Committee (FEIT).

A statement posted on the commission’s Facebook page also said that the election of those seats has been approved and registration will begin.

Hours later, the Benadiri Parliamentary Election Management Committee announced the members of the five-seat selection committee, previously announced in the House of the People.

The three seats are; HOP # 034, HOP # 084 and HOP # 266, with 15 members of traditional elders and civil society.

According to the schedule issued by the Benadiri Electoral Commission, the selection and registration of the delegates will begin today, and their training will begin.

Also on the same day, the committee will process applications, registration, deposit and certification of candidates who want to run for the five seats.

The five-seat election is scheduled to take place on Friday the 25th of this month, the day set for the conclusion of the Parliamentary elections.

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