Electoral Commission holds 48 hours for Jubbaland, Hir-Shabelle & Puntland

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A statement from the Federal Electoral Commission called on the Puntland, Jubbaland and Hir Shabelle regional election commissions to begin holding parliamentary elections within 48 hours.

The communiqué called on the commissions of the three administrations to clarify to the public the obstacles to holding elections if they do not start the elections within those hours.

“We are instructing the Electoral Commissions of these three states to submit a report within 48 hours on the start of the elections or to clarify the challenges facing to the Somali community,” the statement from the Federal Electoral Commission said.

The commission also said in a statement that it was committed to finalizing the parliamentary elections by the 24th of this month, but that any delays in the timetable would be the responsibility of the National Consultative Assembly.

“The commission reaffirms its commitment to the implementation of this timetable and that the commissions at all levels have completed their preparations for the elections. “Delays in the election timetable will be the responsibility of the National Consultative Assembly,” the statement said.

The statement from the Federal Electoral Commission added, “Given the current situation in the country and the impact of the electoral process on the security and well-being of the Somali people, we call on the National Consultative Assembly to fulfill its national responsibilities, and expedite the election of the House of the People, through the procedures of the election process, and to ensure the transparency of the election. ”

The commission commended the electoral commissions of the northern regions (Somaliland) and the states of South West and Galmudug for initiating the election of members of parliament, and stated that the results of two seats had already been suspended, and that another was awaiting a decision from the Dispute Resolution Committee.


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