Electoral commission suspends two newly elected seats in Baidoa

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The Federal Electoral Commission (FEIT) has announced that recent by-elections in Baidoa have been canceled.

The suspended seats are HOP103 and HOP154, and the commission said they would be re-elected.

The commission also said that seats in Galmudug were being investigated.

The two seats were one previously occupied by re-elected Sareedo Mohamed and the other, being seat which was held by former Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari, who was barred from contesting, and was replaced by South West Administration Transport Minister Mohamed Ali.

Read the commission’s statement below

To: South West Electoral Commission
To: The Northern Regional Electoral Commission
To: Galmudug Electoral Commission
Cc: State presidents
Cc: FGS Prime Minister –

1. That the seat marked Hop154, the procedure for its election is not in accordance with the election procedures, and one of the candidates did not meet the requirements of Article 3 of the agreement of 1 October 2020. Therefore the result of that seat in Baidoa 29 November 2021 is null and void, does not exist, and the election will be reversed.

2. Seat Hop103, in accordance with the decision of the Board referred to in the letter dated 27 November 2021, the decision to suspend his election, therefore, when the process is complete a re-election will be made.

3. There are disputed seats in Galmudug that are now in the hands of the Dispute Resolution Committee, and their decision is awaited.

4. We also point out that a procedure prepared by members of parliament from Somaliland cannot be followed.

We would like to inform anyone interested in the election that the commission will not accept any election that violates the agreed electoral process. Electoral commissions at the federal, state and dispute resolution commissions are independent and carry out their functions independently of political interference.

Dispute Resolution Committee issues new statement on Hop 067 seat won by NISA Interim chief

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