Electoral Committee Chief: All election obstacles have been resolved

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The chairman of the Federal Electoral Commission, Mohamed Hassan Irro, said that the election process for the House of the People has begun, and this week, nine seats will be up for grabs in the Northern Regions (Somaliland).

He also said that in the coming days, the federal states will submit the list of candidates for the House of the People, as well as submit the electorates.

Chairman of the Federal Electoral Commission Mohamed Hassan Irro added that all obstacles to the election have been resolved.

“There have been circumstances that have been delaying the elections many times, but it has been overcome and now the elections are starting for us and the agreed schedule will be carried out in time,” he said.

Somalia’s elections have been delayed several times, but the first two members of parliament were recently elected in Mogadishu, and nine seats are expected to be elected this week in the northern regions.

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