Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee rejects Prime Minister Roble’s dismissal

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The members of the Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee who were expelled by Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble today have issued a statement saying that the decision of the Prime Minister is illegal and violates the country’s electoral agreement.

The statement from the sacked members, which includes the chairman of the commission, contained four points.

Read below highlights of the statement from the Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee:

The Indirect Election Dispute Resolution Committee of 2021 declares:

1. It is deeply saddened by the letter issued today by the Prime Minister’s Office regarding the dismissal of the Chairman of the Commission, who was elected by vote from all the members of the Commission, and dismissal of other members of the Commission who are important to the country’s electoral process, experienced and knowledge.

2 – That the process of dismissing these members is in violation of the September 17 agreement and the procedures and principles established by this committee.

3 – That the correct procedure for the modification of the members of the electoral commissions at all levels should be a decision reached by the leaders of the National Consultative Assembly.

4 – The committee is particularly saddened and condemns the horrific treatment of members of the committee by the Minister of Security, Abdullahi Mohamed Nur, after armed men stormed the commission’s headquarters, harassing, intimidating board members and ordering them to vacate their premises within one hour, otherwise they will face imprisonment, which violates the immunity of board members, and a shame to the Federal Government of Somalia.

Finally, the members of the National Dispute Resolution Committee who issued the statement today called on the leaders of the National Consultative Assembly to protect the independence of the commission.

They (Office of the Prime Mnister) should respond in kind to the illegal dismissal and violations of the country’s Indirect Election Dispute Resolution Commission,” the statement said.

Prime Minister Roble has today fired seven members of the Electoral Disputes Resolution Committee and appointed seven new ones.

Among the seven sacked members is the chairman of the Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee, Hussein Mohamed Mohamud, who said in a press conference this morning that the committee was facing political challenges an called on the National Consultative Assembly and the Union of Candidates to have confidence in the Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee work.


PM Roble fires 7 members of Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee

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