Electoral Technical Committee holds its first meeting (Photos)

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The Electoral Technical Team appointed by Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble held its first meeting since its appointment on Wednesday.

The meeting focused on technical issues that are a priority for the Prime Minister of Somalia to carry out on his electoral duties.

This committee will support the Prime Minister in:

1. The provisions of the agreement reached at the meeting of the National Consultative Assembly on 27 May 2021 be implemented in an orderly manner.

2. Coordinating all electoral bodies to improve relations between the cooperating institutions

3. Provide technical support to the electoral commissions.

4. Liaison with National Consultative Assembly and the international community.

Somalia’s elections are administered by independent FIET and SIET State and Dispute Resolution Committees.

The task force is tasked with providing technical assistance to the above-mentioned commissions to conduct the elections in a transparent and independent manner.


























































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