Electoral Technical Team meets with UN officials

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The newly-appointed Electoral Technical Team of the caretaker Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble met today with the United Nations Election Support Team.

The meeting discussed the integration and coordination of activities in support of the Prime Minister’s Deal to transparent elections free and fair.

The UN delegation reportedly promised the Commission members that they would work together to implement the electoral process.
Members of the Technical Committee recently appointed by Prime Minister Roble are working on a plan to facilitate the country’s election campaign.

The two sides agreed on the importance of speeding up the electoral process, as the recent agreement signed in Mogadishu stipulates that elections will take place within 60 days.

The UN team promised the members of the Commission that they would work together to implement the electoral process mandated by Prime Minister Roble.

The meeting is part of a series of upcoming meetings initiated by the Technical Committee in Mogadishu, which will expedite the electoral process.

The commission will work technically, according to the prime minister’s office, on free and fair elections based on the May 27th agreement, and will play a key role in liaising with the National Consultative Assembly, the international community, and supporting it. will provide technical assistance to independent electoral commissions.

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