ElWak: Parliamentarian elections finally take place in Gedo, Jubbaland

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The Jubaland state election commission has today held elections in Elwaq district in Gedo region for some of the first seats in the lower house of parliament.

HOP 119 seat, which was the first to be held, was won by former Somali Minister of Education Abdullahi Abukar Haji after the resignation of his rival Abdiaziz Abdullahi Ibrahim.

Mr. Farah Moalim Bishar and Mr. Hassan Aden Hassan contested for seat HOP2 16, and was won by Mr. Farah Moalim Bishar.

Duniya Osman Yusuf and Hawa Khalif Dubad contested for HOP 116 seat in today’s election in Elwaq district of Jubbaland.

According to the SEIT Jubbaland committee, Osman Yusuf has won the seat.

Seat number HOP 087 was contested by Ms Amina Hussein Ali & Ms Fadumo Ibrahim Ali.

The Jubbaland State Indirect Election Implementation Committee announced the final results and said the seat was won by Amina Hussein Ali.

The seat HOP 102 was contested by Mr. Osman Libah Ibrahim & Mustaf Manow Gedi and was won by Mr. Osman Libah Ibrahim.

Mohamed Aden Maalim & Hassan Abdi Ahmed contested for seat HOP 090 and was won by Mr. Mohamed Aden Maalim.

MP candidate Adan Ibrahim Isaq and MP candidate Jibril Abdirashid Haji contested for seat HOP 065, and were won by MP Jibril Abdirashid Haji.

Finally, Mr. Abdikadir Hussein Abdi and Mr. Ali Guurre Mohamed contested for the seat HOP 091 and was won by Mr. Abdikadir Hussein Abdi.


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