Ethiopia says it has arrested Somalis working for TPLF

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The Ethiopian Federal Police have announced that they have arrested a number of Somalis who were working with the TPLF in northern Ethiopia during the imposition of a state of emergency.

Deputy Chief of the Federal Police Crime Prevention Unit Melaku Fenta and Addis Ababa Police Chief Getu Argaw said in a press conference that the suspects were arrested following a crackdown on crime investigation, and the operation was carried out in accordance with the emergency rule.

The police statement said police were working with the public to raise awareness.

“The TPLF, which has been massacring and torturing civilians since its inception, is working to organize terrorists to infiltrate the country,” the police statement said. terrorists in Addis Ababa.

Ethiopian troops have been battling the TPLF and its allies for the past few months, but the TPLF has taken control of towns where the Ethiopian troops are based.

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