Ethiopia: Somali State president warns TPLF supporters in the region

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The President of the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia, Mustafe Muhumed Omar (Agjar) has warned those who he said are loyal to the TPLF against the Ethiopian government, saying they will not tolerate them in the region.

The president said they oppose any attempt by the TPLF to disrupt security and governance in the country.

“Today the TPLF is arguing that it wants to restore a federal system that the current government opposes, but it will not do what it has failed to do for 27 years,” he told a rally today in Jigjiga.

The president said: “This group saw itself as having done an important job, which was to ignite ethnic cleansing, they were behind the Somalis and Oromos conflict, the Amharas and Oromos fightings and also Banishaguli and Amharas.”

“So since they (TPLF) saw the confrontation, they believed that the change was not going to happen, and that no one would follow. She had been in the process for two years, and when they saw that the system and the parties had been reorganized, that the elections were being prepared, and that the people had been spared, they decided that unless war broke out there was no hope left and it will have political implications. ”

Somali State President has threatened to crack down on Somali politicians, who support the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front, who he says have orders to disrupt security and development in their region, at a time when some politicians have been arrested in Addis Ababa, who held a meeting against the Jigjiga Administration.

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