Somali-Ethiopian Regional State Prosecutor Concludes Abdi Omar Case

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The Office of the Prosecutor of the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia has concluded an investigation into abuses in the region during the leadership of former regional state president Abdi Mohamud Omar, saying that they had submitted the results of the investigation to the Attorney General of the Federal Government of Ethiopia.

Abdi Mohamud Omar, ruled the area for eight years, from 2010 to 2018. but then was ousted and arrested following the outbreak of political violence in Jigjiga, impacted by the many protests that had swept parts of eastern Ethiopia during 2018.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General of the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia, Abdiweli Jama in an interview with the BBC Somali Service gave details of the investigation, and said that it is based on the crimes committed in the past ten years in the region.

Abdiweli Jama also added that the case was part of corruption abuse by the then government.

“In ten years there have been many crises, widespread abuses against the Somali people, and there has been a lot of corruption by the then government, not only the government but also other security generals who have worked here and caused a lot of suffering to the people in the region” Abdiweli Jama said.

Abdi Mohamud Omar, who ruled the local government from 2010 to 2018, is currently facing serious charges of abuse by his administration and has appeared in court in Ethiopia several times to face charges.

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