EU calls for end to political stand-off in Somalia

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The European Union (EU) Saturday called on Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo and Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble to bring to an end the current political stand-off.

“All Somali stakeholders must exercise maximum restraint for the overall stability of Somalia and the region,” said EU High Representative Josep Borrell in a statement.

He said the electoral process in Somalia must continue to move forward peacefully, in line with the previously agreed timetable of May 27, “This is key for the wellbeing of the Somali population,” added the EU’s foreign policy chief.

According to media reports, President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed on Thursday suspended Prime Minister Mohammed Hussein Roble’s power to hire and fire officials, increasing tensions in the country.

Borrell, on April of this year, had rebuked the country for passing a resolution extending the mandate of the President and the Federal government by two years. The Lower House of the Somali Parliament voted to a de-facto extension of the mandate of the President and the Federal government by two years following the impasse on the electoral process which should have been finalized by Feb. 8, 2021.

This action undermines the longstanding effort, supported by the EU and the international community, to rebuild Somalia through consensus, Borrell had said following this action.

“The international community, including the EU, have repeatedly and publicly expressed that we could under no circumstances accept an extension of the government mandate, or any partial or parallel process related to the elections, without the agreement of the parties to the Sept. 17 electoral agreement.

“The European Union believes that the passage and signing of this resolution will divide Somalia, impose additional delays and constitute a grave threat to the peace and stability of Somalia and its neighbors. It certainly does not serve the interests of the people of Somalia.” — Agencies

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