February 3, 2023

Explosion injures lawmakers in Jowhar, Hirshabelle

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Reports from Jowhar town, the provincial capital of HirShabelle state in the lower Shabelle region confirm that a bomb had exploded in the town.

The bomb struck just before noon in front of a restaurant in the Kulmis neighborhood of the city, witnesses said.

HirShabelle MPs Omar Mohamed Omar and Yusuf Abdiqadir Karani were among those injured in the blast, who were rushed to a local hospital.

The wounded include a security official in Jowhar town and other civilians who were at the scene of the blast.

The situation at the scene remains tense, with security forces arriving at the scene of the blast.

There was no immediate word from security officials on the cause of the blast, and further investigations are ongoing.

Jowhar has recently been the scene of several attacks on HirShabelle MPs.

However, the city is one of the venues planned for the country’s elections for the Somali Parliament.

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