‘Fake News’ – Electoral Commission dismisses a recent post on social media

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A letter from the federal and state election commissions was recently posted on social media, stating that the commissions had temporarily suspended the elections.

The official website of the Federal Electoral Commission on Facebook posted the letter followed by a Fake News headline, and no other statement was added.

A member of the Electoral Commission we spoke to confirmed to us that the letter was a forgery and had not been issued by the Electoral Commission, and that it was possible that some members of the commission were behind it.

The fake statement letter by the Election commission seen by MTVSomali.com said “Electoral commissions at the State level and at the Federal level, have a formal complaint against the treatment towards the Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee. Some members of the Dispute Resolution Committee were thrown out, while others were ordered not to leave. This is a violation of the dignity of the election and its people.”

“The commissions are announcing to the National Consultative Assembly, the candidates for the seats and the people of Somalia that they have suspended the elections from today, pending the resolution of the dispute resolution committee, without which the election would not have been possible” the fake statement read.

The Electoral Commission and the Dispute Resolution Committee are currently at loggerheads, with reports that the commissions have been at loggerheads over the dismissal of members of the Electoral Disputes Commission.

Our sources also say that Villa Somalia is involved in the dispute between the electoral commissions, and that Villa Somalia opposes the firing of members of the dispute resolution committee by the Prime Minister.


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