Fake weapons gang of robbers arrested in Mogadishu

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Police in Hiliwaa district in Banadir region have arrested two young men last night who were brandishing fake weapons and knives at residents in Hiliwaa neighborhoods.

At the time of their arrest, the robbers were engaged in robbing civilians off their mobile phones, with the fake pistols and knives they had been using displayed at Hiliwaa police station.

The new Hiliwaa district commissioner Mire Salad Dhuhulow said his administration and security forces are committed to preventing gangs from harming civilians.

“We have seized fake pistols and knives from the robbers. We are determined to protect the property of the people of Heliwaa and I thank the police force and the Deputy Commissioner for Security and Politics of Heliwaa District, ”said Mire

In recent months, Mogadishu has seen an increase in armed robberies against civilians, with the armed thieves sometimes on motorcycles although security forces have arrested several gangs in recent operations.

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