President Farmaajo meeting convening National Security Committee postponed

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A meeting that was scheduled to take place today and convened by outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo to the National Security Committee regarding the Ikran Tahlil Case has been postponed, according to a late statement released from Villa Somalia.

In a statement issued a few minutes ago, the head of the communication department of Villa Somalia, Abdirashid Hashi, said the meeting will be held on another day and with further updates to be announced soon.

“The meeting of the National Security Committee of the Federal Government of Somalia which was previously announced by the President of Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo to be held today 18-09-2021 has been postponed, we will share with you soon the best arrangements” Said the statement from the office of the President.

The postponed meeting was scheduled to be attended by former director of the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) Fahad Yassin Haji Dahir, who, for unknown reasons, was deported from Djibouti yesterday on his way to Mogadishu and later forced to returned to Turkey.

It is worth noting that a separate inquiry was already called by the Prime Minister and it remain’s to be seen what outcome will be presented in the proposed security convention called by the outgoing President and how it will impact the investigation launched by the judiciary system regarding the kidnap and murder of Ikran Tahlil Farah.

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