Farmajo supporters on social media: Mogadishu must be burnt to the ground

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Supporters of former President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo have raised eyebrows on social media following his defeat in the recent presidential elections in Somalia.

Images and videos of his supporters have been widely circulated on social media, with some expressing outrage, some vowing to commit suicide bombings, while others vow to burn down the nations capital, Mogadishu.

They have began a campaign calling on social media for rise in assassinations, bombings, targeting new government officials and burning markets in Mogadishu, in which surprisingly, the Benadir market in Mogadishu has since been burned.

They are calling for the new government to be put in a difficult position, so as not to stabilize the country.

Some of his supporters both in the country and abroad call Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo ‘father’, a term signalling dictorial behaviour, in which they were known for insulting politicians, but now, they are facing a desperate situation.

Others have continued to spread propaganda about the new Somali government leaders, while others sit and cry on their private social media, abusing and calling names to anyone who is against Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo 

Proponents of Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo have focused on social media, especially TikTok, arguing that, if Farmajo left power, there would be no government.

In another video taken in Mogadishu, A Farmaajo supporter was seen calling for Somalis to choose Al shabab instead of working with the new government, headed by president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. 

CBB, is the coin term given to his supporters by politician Abdirahman Abdishakur, with most of them insulting politicians and exaggerating propaganda for the former ruling party of Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo.

They are made up on WhatsApp-related bandit groups, but now that Farmajo’s billing budget is over, it remains to be seen how loyal they will be.

In the new government of President Hassan Sheikh, the first challenges will be from the CBB propaganda, where the group has been funded through government coffers, is addicted to spreading propaganda on their personal social media sites.


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