December 6, 2021

Federa Parliament elections set to begin in Galmudug State

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Reports from Dhusamareb town in Galmudug state say that the election of the new Federal parliament is set to begin today.

The administration of the Galmudug Electoral Commission said two of the five seats announced on Thursday will be up for grabs in Dhusamareb today.

The two seats are: HOP26 and HOP104, and according to reliable sources, Yusuf Guelleh Ugas, will not be competing for the HOP26, while Mahad Abdalla Awad, who is running for HOP104, will emerge victorious, according to political analayst.

Ahmed Aden Safina, spokesman for the Federal Electoral Commission, said the two seats have both completed the full registration process of the candidates as well as the electorate, and that the delegates had been trained and are prepared.

Ahmed Safina called on the candidates for the two seats to arrive at the polling station in Dhusamareb at 9:00 am today.

“I urge the candidates to prepare for the two seats at 9 am at the polling station in Dhusamareb,” said Ahmed Safina.

Elders from the Saleban Abdall sub-clan of Dir have previously complained that President Qoor Qoor has refused for a fair contest for the HOP104 seat.

“Galmudug State Presidency (Ahmed Kariye Qoor-Qoor) openly stated that there is an individual who he has entered into an agreement with. Let’s make this clear; the seat does not belong to a man but to the whole community, and the responsibility lies with the elders of the Saleban Abdalle clan, which consists of eight sub-clans.” said one of the community elders.

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