Federal election commission announces swearing-in date

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The Somali Electoral Commission have released the dates for the swearing in ceremony for the 11th Federal Parliament of Somalia.

According to the schedule, on the 16th of this month (March), which falls on Wednesday (today), the 23rd of this month, it is scheduled to collect the documents of the new members of the House of Representatives, and from the 24th to the 29th, it is planned to check the verification of the documents.

Between March 31 and April 4, the official results of the parliamentary elections are scheduled to be announced and all members of both houses of parliament will be filed.

From April 5 to 10, the parliamentary certificate is scheduled to be issued to all elected members of both Houses.

April 11 is scheduled for the transfer of files to members of both Houses.

Finally, on April 14, the Prime Minister’s Office will hold a swearing-in ceremony for members of both houses of the 11th parliament.

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