Federal Election Commission rejects Fahad Yasin’s seat election results

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The Federal Electoral Commission has rejected the results of the HOP 086 by-election, with its winner announced yesterday as National Security Adviser Fahad Yassin Haji Dahir.

In a statement issued last night, the commission announced the preliminary results of 5 of the seats held yesterday in Beledweyne, HirShabelle’s 2nd constituency, excluding the 6th seat of HOP 086.

“The Federal Electoral Commission (FEIT) has not changed its decision to suspend HOP 086, so it is null and void the outcome of today’s action,” the commission said in a statement.

The five seats previously recognized by the committee are as follows:

1- HOP 015: Hiis Hassan Adan
2- HOP 008: Mohamed Deeq X.Cumar
3- HOP 274: Mohamed Abdullahi Hassan (Noah)
4- HOP 109: Abdifatah Qasim Mohamud
5- HOP 074: Abdikarim Omar Hussein

If the commission’s decision does not change, Fahad Yassin, who became a member of parliament under the name of Fahad Dahir Ahmed, will be blocked in receiving the final certification of membership by the Federal Electoral Commission.

HirShabelle administration has already rejected a statement from the Federal Electoral Commission, which suspended the election for HOP 086, and held it yesterday.

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