Federal Electoral Commission issues stern warning to state leaders

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Elections for the 11th Federal Parliament of Somalia are set to begin in cities across the country.

The chairman of the Federal Electoral Commission, Mohamed Hassan Irro, said his committee was ready to hold elections for the lower house, and made it clear that they would complete the election within a month.

Mohamed Hassan Irro has expressed his confidence in the work of his committee and said it will finalize the plan for the parliamentary elections.

The chairman of the Electoral Commission warned state leaders to not  interfere in the election of members of parliament and avoid corruption.

“We want the leaders of the administration to give up the election interference and leave it to the clans. We will never condone corruption and we want free and fair elections to take place,” said Irro.

There are fears that the parliamentary elections in the federal states are likely to be marred by widespread corruption and with some seats to be closed to private individuals led by the Federal state leaders.

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