Federal Government tells African Union: “Somali nation will not accept intimidation, lies”

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Somali Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Mohamed Abdirizak Mohamud received members of the African Union Peace and Security Council in Mogadishu for a three-day working visit, discussing AMISOM’s mandate, which ends on December 31st. 2021, in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 2568.

The minister and members of the 15-member council, led by Ambassador Mohammed Omar Gad from Egypt, exchanged views on security and peace challenges and the extent to which the national army is preparing to take over responsibility for security in the country. 

In a speech at the meeting, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said that Somalia’s transition plan does not only specify how security is to be achieved but also clearly defines the AMISOM mission which focuses only on security and a new mission, and African Union’s ability to support Somalia in new policy, governance, social affairs and security.

He added, “The Somali nation will not accept any reluctance, lies and delays that hinder the implementation of successful security.”

The Minister added, “The fact is that there is nothing to be gained without the consent of the host country. The transition plan will be the position of the Federal Government of Somalia, not only this administration, but also it is the future administration of the country.

“The Somali people are united in their responsibility to ensure their security, regardless of electoral policy or anything else. This will be permanent.”

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