Fighting erupts in Beledweyne between gov forces & militia

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Reports from Hiran region in central Somalia say that fighting broke out this morning in the city center, between security forces and militias loyal to General Abukar Hud.

The fighting intensified in Nur Hawad and Dhagah Jabis neighborhoods, after the militia loyal to General Hud, who is against the administration in Hirshabelle, entered Beledweyne.

Reports say there have been clashes in the area for some time, and residents say a variety of weapons have been used.

The exact number of casualties in the fighting between government forces and armed militias led by General Hud is not yet clear.

Local reports say the situation is very tense and that there are still fighting forces with both parties now mobilizing more troops.

The sources added that the fighting is based on General Hud’s group’s refusal to hold a meeting of the HirShabelle state cabinet in Beledweyne, some of which arrived in the city yesterday.

General Hud and his militia, who have been on the outskirts of Beledweyne for some time, have been mobilizing against HirShabelle, exacerbated by the announcement by the administration’s vice president that a cabinet meeting will be held in Beledweyne, a move opposed by the rebel general. 

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