Fire breaks out at AMISOM base in Balad, Hirshabelle

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More details are available from the casualties caused by a fire that broke out today at an AMISOM base in Haanshiikh area on the northern outskirts of Balad.

Fires caused by electricity used by the troops spread to many parts of the base, especially warehouses containing weapons and ammunition.

Reports say heavy explosions were caused by bullets and weapons caught in the blaze, according to some residents.

The incident has raised fears among residents who initially thought the area and the AMISOM base had been attacked.

The fire was later extinguished, according to reports.

There was no immediate word from AMISOM officials on the incident or the extent of the damage.

The situation is now calm, and activity has returned to normal in Haanshiikh, on the northern outskirts of Balad.

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