First pictures of Ali Harbi Ali released by British Media

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The UK media has for the first time published a picture of Ali Harbi Ali, who was arrested in connection with the assassination of MP David Amess in Essex on Friday, about 65 km from London.

Also, new information indicates that Ali was forced to take a course designed to prevent extremists, five years ago, after his teacher became suspicous of him of extremist ideologies and was allegedly big supporter of convict Anjem Choudary, a preacher who spreads hatred.

Friends of Ali told the Daily Mail that he had become radical after watching many videos of Anjem Choudary’s speeches on YouTube. Anjem Choudary has already been convicted of spreading hate speech.

Meanwhile, police and intelligence services MI5 are looking into the possibility of Ali targeting David Amess due to the lawmaker’s support in Qatar, a country that has significant influence in Somali politics.

At the age of 19, Ali was sent to the Prevent program for extremists, as his extremism was not considered to have been passed on to MI5 intelligence.

It was also reported that the emergence of extremist ideologies came at a time when relations between him and his family were strained, with his mother and father divorcing and his father moving to Somalia.

Someone close to his family said his dream was to become a doctor and that he was preparing to take the NHS test.

Harbi Ali Kulane, who first spoke about the arrest of his son Ali Harbi Ali, said, “At the moment we are in an worrying and terrifying situation.”

“It’s not what I expected or even dreamed of,” Kulane said in another interview with The Sunday Times.

“Due to the ongoing preliminary investigation, I have a duty and an order not to discuss this,” said Harbi Ali Kulane.

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