Five key points discussed between Somali & British Prime Ministers

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Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble met with his British counterpart Prime Minister Boris Johnson on a side meeting in London.

The two leaders discussed strengthening bilateral relations, security issues in Somalia and the region, education development, the economy, politics and aid.

“I met in London with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose government is hosting the International Conference on the Advancement of Education. We discussed strengthening relations between our two countries, security issues in Somalia and the region, education development, the economy, politics and aid, ”Roble wrote in a Facebook post.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Education who attended the International Conference on Education in London.

“Britain is among the international partners with which Somalia has a long-standing relationship and is assisting in many important areas of governance,” Roble said.

Prime Minister Roble also met the UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, where they discussed Somali elections and regional security.

The British Ambassador to Somalia, Kate Foster, said:

I’m very pleased that Prime Minister Roble was able to attend the Global Education summit and meet Prime Minister Johnson. Without access to schooling and effective teaching, many children are at risk of falling behind and dropping out of education permanently. The UK will continue to support Prime Minister Roble and the Somali government in their commitment to ensuring Somali children have access to good education.

The two leaders also held discussions on progress towards the upcoming elections slated for October.

Somali Prime Minister participated in the Global Education Summit in London attended by dignitaries from around the world and is expected to arrive back to Mogadishu in the next few days.

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