Force Commander’s bodyguards kill civilian in Mogadishu

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The bodyguards of the Somali military commander Gen. Odowa Yusuf Rage have last night opened fire on a car driven by a resident in Deynile district of Benadir region.

The man, identified as Mohamed Mirre Hassan Ga’al, was shot dead as he was entering a garage near the Ministry of Defense, and died of his injuries.

Some of the relatives of the deceased told local media that the deceased was a mechanic, and that he had repaired the car he was driving to propel it out, but the soldiers shot him after they had wrongfully suspected him to be a terrorist.

The commander of the armed forces has not yet commented on the killing of the civilian by some of his bodyguards.

Security guards of various Somali government officials often kill civilians by firing on their vehicles as they approached them, with many innocent drivers killed over the past years and no sort of accountability ever takes place to bring the perpetrators to court due to being protected by high government officials.

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