Former President Sharif praises role of national security forces

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Former Somali President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, who is currently chairing the Council of Opposition Candidates, addressed a farewell ceremony for regional administration leaders and spoke about the political situation, especially the challenges facev over the past few months.

Sheikh Sharif first announced his welcome to the historic agreement reached on Somalia’s 2021 elections, following weeks of talks at the Aficio Tent in Mogadishu.

He also pointed out that the country has been prevented from entering a civil war, and that there is a need to work together for the development of Somalia.

Former TFG President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed also praised the armed forces, especially the so-called national security forces and all those who took part in reaching an agreement for the countries upcoming election.

“I thank everyone who has prevented the country from entering a civil war, such as the Armed Forces, the Heads of State. We have gone through a difficult period but I thank those who prevented it,” he said.

He also thanked regional administration leaders and Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, urging them to continue their efforts during Somalia’s parliamentary and presidential elections.

The statement comes as plans are underway to officially hold elections in Somalia, advance the selection of members of both houses of parliament, and then elect a new president.

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