Galmudug announces list of first seats in Parliamentary elections

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The Galmudug Electoral Commission has announced the list of the first seats to be up for grabs in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

A letter from the committee announced that 5 seats are HOP #043, HOP #054, HOP #104, HOP #067 and HOP #026, which were previously occupied by MPs Hussein Qasim Yusuf, Abdishakur Ali Mire, Mahad Abdalle Awad, Abdullahi Ali Ahmed (Adow Ali Gees) & Ikraan Adan Absuge.

The committee also said that elections for the five seats in the House of the People of Somalia will be held in the coming days.

The commission indicated that from today onwards it will proceed with the registration of traditional elders, civil society and voting delegates.

The move follows a speech by Galmudug State president last night announcing that his administration would hold elections for five seats in Parliament.

“On behalf of the Galmudug Government, we are ready to hold the first 5 members of the lower house elections tomorrow. We are waiting for the Electoral Commission to expedite the parliamentary elections, ”he said.

The announcement of the list of five seats from Galmudug comes as Prime Minister Roble is currently stationed in Dhusamareb.


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