Galmudug: Elections for Seats in the House of the People held in Galkayo

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In Galkayo, the capital of Mudug region, the election of five of the seats in the House of the People has begun in Galmudug State.

The first seat in today’s election, Hop 013, which was previously held by Maryan Mohamed Hussein and was won Aden Osman Hussein, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications of Galmudug State, with 82 votes.

The second seat of Hop 101 was again won by the Deputy Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation of the Somali Government Hersi Aden Roble who was sitting in the seat after the resignation of Aisha Hersi Mohamed, with a show of hands with 88 votes.

The third seat in Hop 001 held by Warsame Mohamed Hassan (Joodah) was won by Jawahir Mohamed Ahmed who received 101 votes after his rival withdrew.

The fourth seat in Hop # 017, which has been occupied by Dunyo Mohamed Ali for the past few years, was won by Qaladla Ali Awale after the rival withdrew, and by a show of hands she received 79 votes. of the quorum of the sitting delegation.

Security in Galkayo has been tightened, and it is expected to be more tightened in the coming days.

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