Galmudug State announces seats for elections in lower house parliament

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The Galmudug state election commission has tonight announced the list of 21 seats that will be up for grabs soon.

“The Galmudug Electoral Commission is involved in the announcement of elders and civil society, registration and training of the selection committee and delegates,” the statement said.

The list announced by the Galmudug Electoral Commission tonight is the highest number ever announced by the Electoral Commission since its inception.

Saturday, January 15, is the day that Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble ordered state leaders to begin all parliamentary elections.

Since the conclusion of the 45-day National Consultative Assembly meeting in Mogadishu, no regional government has launched an election, with the exception of a list announced by Galmudug tonight.

According to information obtained, in the coming hours, the HirShabelle Electoral Commission will release the list of the first seats to be elected in HirShabelle.

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