October 6, 2022

Gedo administration says they are ready for the elections

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In Garbaharey district, the capital of Gedo region, final preparations are underway for the election of 16 seats in the House of the People in a constituency in Gedo region.

Ahmed Bulle Mohamed Gareed, the newly appointed governor of Gedo region for the federal government of Somalia, said that his administration is preparing for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Speaking to VOA Somali Service, the governor said that the security of Garbaharey district, where the elections will be held, has been tightened in collaboration with government and AMISOM forces.

He added that they have also prepared a venue for the candidates for the House of Representatives, the Electoral Commission and anyone else involved in the election.

The announcement by the Governor of Gedo region of the Federal Government of Somalia Ahmed Bulle Mohamed Gareed comes at a time when the Jubbaland State Electoral Commission, which would have organized the election, has not yet arrived in Garbaharey district, the capital of Gedo region.

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