August 13, 2022

Gedo: government soldier attacks a stadium and kills several including rising athlete stars

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Reports from Gedo region say that a “government” soldier opened fire on civilians at a football stadium in Beled-hawo district yesterday afternoon, killing several people. .

The soldier, armed with an Ak47 rifle and riding a motorcycle, allegedly went to the stadium during a game in front of a large crowd and then opened fire on the fence, according to witnesses.

At least two young men, identified as Zakariye Ahmed Garane and Sharmarke Abdul, were killed in the incident, according to VOA’s Adan Omar Barkhadle.

Barkhadle, an intellectual in the town, said the officer deliberately opened fire on the players and other spectators during the match.

He added that the two boys who died were very active youths and were well known in the area.

“The two boys were among the young athletes in Beled-hawo district and who can be said to be the rising stars for the country, were very active and very popular,” he added. 

Recent reports suggest that the soldier, who was accused of trying to escape, has been arrested and further investigations are underway into the incident.

However, it is not known the exact reason why the soldier targeted the stadium during the match, and there is no official word from the Gedo regional administration.

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