February 3, 2023

Gov forces kill two siblings in Mogadishu

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Somali police have shot and killed a brother and sister who were out buying food for a friend who was giving birth in a hospital last night.

The incident took place at the Dabka intersection, killing Zakariye Mohamud Kalafoge and Sowdo Mohamud Kalafoge.

It is not yet clear why the federal government forces opened fire on the motorcycle of the family members, but it is not uncommon for the government forces to open fire indiscriminately or try to open the streets during traffic jam.

According to some reports, Zakariye and Sowdo came from Yardameli Hospital to buy dinner for a pregnant woman at Yardameli Hospital, without elaborating, 

No details have been released about the soldier who opened fire, and witnesses said he and his entourage had left with their vehicle from the intersection.

Government forces have killed hundreds of civilians in Mogadishu for no apparent reason, and few have been arrested or prosecuted for their heinous acts.


Force Commander’s bodyguards kill civilian in Mogadishu

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