Government officials speak on the assassination of prominent journalist Abdi Aziz Afrika

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The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Hussein Roble, has sent his condolences to the family and friends of the late Director of Radio Mogadishu, Abdiaziz Mohamud Guled Afrika, who was killed in a suicide bombing in Mogadishu.

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble said: “May God have mercy on the Director of Radio Mogadishu Abdiaziz Mohamud Guled Afrika who died in a terrorist attack. I offer my condolences to his family, the media and the Somali people in general.”

Roble added that Abdiaziz was a hardworking journalist and national hero who worked tirelessly for his country, his people and his religion.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Information Osman Obokor Dubbe offered his condolences on the death of Abdiaziz Mohamed Guled, Director of Radio Mogadishu.

“On behalf of the President, the Prime Minister and other government officials, we extend our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of journalist Abdiaziz Afrika,” said Minister Dubbe.

Abdi Aziz Afrika, the director of Radio Mogadishu, has been working for the state-run media for more than 13 years, and has been known for his programs on al-Shabaab.

Abdiazziz Afrika was one of the most popular journalists in the national media and has been figure head fighting al-Shabaab through journalism. He’d been previously wounded in a shootout with government forces, had went to Belgium for medical treatment and returned to Mogadishu to continue his work for state media.

Afrika hosted a program called Gungaar that had interviewed al-Shabaab members who defected to the government or were captured by the military, providing much detailed key information to the public.

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