SHOCKING; Hafsa Mohamed reveals; ”My friend set me up”

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Hafsa Mohamed Luqman, a 23-year-old Somali businesswoman who has been missing for five days, revealed that her friend was behind the abduction.

In an exclusive interview with Kenya’s The Standard newspaper, Hafsa Luqmaan said that the woman arrested in Kinangop & her friend Hafsa Abdi, were the masterminds behind the abduction and torture.

“She was my girlfriend, although she was not very close to us but she was behind my abduction. She asked me to go with Kayole to see her other shop which was based there, ”said Hafsa Luqmaan.

Hours before her abduction was reported, surveillance cameras recorded in her shoe store, showed Hafsa Luqmaan entering the store at 4:44 pm on Tuesday, June 15.

While she was shopping, she was accompanied by another woman, Hafsa Abdulwahab.

The hidden camera footage shows Hafsa Mohamed leaving the store with Hafsa Abdi minutes after entering the shoe store.

Hafsa Abdi is seen staring at an unknown man in a shop chair as she and Hafsa Mohamed were leaving the building.

On the day of her kidnapping, (June 15, 2021) Hafsa Luqmaan said she was at her usual business place in Eastleigh, California neighborhood when Hafsa Abdi stopped and asked her to drive to Kayole with her.

“She told me she had a shop in Kayole, where she was selling watermelon but when we left, it was nothing but sawdust spread everywhere,” she said.

Hafsa Luqmaan said she had been praying at a shop in Kayole with her friend for evening prayers, and pointed out that she had been abducted right after her prayers.

She pointed out that while they were at the store, her friend Hafsa Abdi was busy with her phone and texting, acting suspicous.

“When I finished my prayer, I saw two men coming towards me and immediately they started hitting and beating me,” she said with tears in her eyes.

She said her captors grabbed her by the neck and beat her severely, then said they covered her mouth with a cloth to prevent her from screaming.

She added that after being beaten, her eyes, arms and legs were tied and she was taken to a water tank in a house in Matopeni, where she was later rescued by detectives.

“Meanwhile my friend who was driving me when it happened, is watching everything,” said Hafsa Mohamed Luqman.

Hafsa Luqmaan, who is currently recovering from the trauma, met Hafsa Abdi in California nighbourhood, and was a neighbor near her workplace selling watermelon.

Hafsa said she and her friend loved each other very much, adding that she even lent them more than 700,000 Kenyan shillings to invest in her vegetable business.

“I trusted her and she was always with me when she needed me. I just want justice done. I am very happy that they was arrested, ”she said.

Hafsa Mohamed was rescued by police on Sunday, June 20th.

Investigators have arrested Jackson Njogu, 24, and Hafsa Abdi, 21, on suspicion of kidnapping and torturing Hafsa Mohamed Lukman.

The two were arrested at Crystal View Lodge in the Kinangop area where they spent the night.

The two suspects have not yet been arraigned in court, and local Kenyan media reports that their efforts to contact Hafsa Abdi’s family and close relatives have failed.

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