Heavy fighting erupts in Mogadishu during morning traffic

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Various reports are emanating from a armed conflict this morning in parts of Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.

Heavy fighting broke out between the Banadir intersection and Digfer hospital in Hodan district.

According to reports, the fighting took place between the security agencies after a group of military officers were guarding a disputed land, in which they build a border fence around it overnight, and police forces who opposed the construction of the land.

The two forces, armed with various weapons, engaged in a fierce battle that lasted for several minutes, affecting trade and activities at the Banadir intersection and its environs.

Fighting later subsided after the uniformed police men who stormed the disputed land had left the scene, with reports that there are still fears of renewed fighting.

The spearhead of Haram’ad forces, Abdihamid Abdullahi Fanah, and the deputy police chief of Dharkenley district were wounded in the fighting, according to credible sources.

There were also casualties among civilians near the scene of the fighting, with up to three civilians injured.

The situation is still very tense in the area as the fighting took place while commuters were travelling to work in the area of ​​Banadir intersection in Mogadishu.

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