Heavy fighting erupts in Mogadishu

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Armed clashes erupted at the ex-control Afgoye intersection with reports of civilian casualties MTVSomali can confirm.

The clashes started at the Ex-Control Afgoye intersection after troops clashed with each other over an illegal checkpoint tax on public vehicles who commute through the area witnesses told MTVSomali.com.

Reports say the clashes was between allied government forces.

Four people were killed and several others were injured in the clashes a local source told MTVSomali.com and added that the four civilians killed were two university students, a woman who owned a restaurant and another person who was traveling in a public vehicle at the time of the fighting.

Local residents say the situation is very tense, and the fighting erupting as commuters where travelling to work.

The sources added that other government troops arrived at the scene and took away the soldiers who were fighting there.

There was no immediate word from Somali security officials on the cause of the shooting.

Mogadishu has been the scene of frequent clashes between government forces with innocent commuters bearing the brunt of the clashes.

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