Hir-Shabelle declares severe drought in its areas

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Hir-Shabelle State Minister for Relief, Management and Disaster Abdi Mahad Qoor Gaab said they have prepared a plan to address the families affected by the drought in the region.

Speaking at a press conference, the minister, who did not elaborate on the plan, said that the country as a whole, especially in Hir-Shabelle region, has been severely affected by the drought such as widespread water shortages.

He added that the people displaced have been affected and have lost their livestock and crops.

Finally, the Minister said that the worst affected areas are villages under Bedweyne town, Mataban and Mahas districts in Hiraan region and Raga Elle district in Middle Shabelle region.

Many areas in south-central Somalia are currently experiencing a severe drought that has affected communities, with heads of state and government preoccupied with electoral matters.


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